About Rozendonk

Rozendonk behind the scene

Rozendonk is a family business, the owners are the couple Andrea & Wil Elderman, together with their oldest daughter Arianne Elderman.

How it started
It all started in de year 1993 when Andrea Elderman began with the sale of antique furniture. About 7 years later her husband came into the business, he was engaged with the sale of old wooden floors.

Search of old Dutch tiles
In 2002 they searched old Dutch tiles for the antique shop. By coincidence they met a person who had a truck loaded with old Dutch tiles and he wanted to get rid of it. That’s how it all started.

Specialised in reproduced old Dutch tiles
Throughout the years the sale of antique disappeared to the background. They specialised more and more into the sale of reproduced old Dutch tiles. The showroom is an atmospheric space thanks to the combination of antique and tiles.

Your welcome
If you are in search of reproduced old Dutch tiles and you want to see and feel them, you are invited to visit the showroom in Beusichem. There you can see lots of hand painted tiles and of course all the tiles in white shades.

The murals look much nicer for real than on the internet.