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Choose your mix

Mix of white shades

Frisian tiles always come in a mix of 3 or more white shades, characteristic for over 500 years of these tiles.
Which mixture best suits your interior?

Shades for TW-series and the series RA2:

Base white 1
Base white 2
Base white 3
Base white 4
Base white 5
Base white 6
Grey-blue 7
Grey-green 8
Rose 10
Clearwhite 15 (not available in the serie-RA2)

TW-Warm mixes

There are 4 mixes with ivory and cream that will go well with light kitchen with wood or magnolia white.

TW-Base mix 3 and 6

Mix 6 has 6 greyish-white shades, Base mix 3 contains only the 3 ligter shades of mix 6.
These mixes go well with grey, black and clear white but also with blue, green and many other colours and ads more contrast with creamy or yellow colours

More nuance with more tones

If you rather have more different white shades like in the old days the mixes below will give you a good feeling

Mix with 9 shades

A good example is mix 8 and 9

If you are not sure which shades fits to you interior send us a mail with some details and we will help you

Only one shade, better not!

Traditionally, Frisian tiles have always been used in a mixture; it is possible to use one shade but!
There are a few problems:
- There is always a difference in colour between tiles from the same batch, because the temperature at the bottom and top of the kiln often differs, which affects the colour of the glaze, and tiles from a different production date will always have a slightly different colour.
- There is also a difference in colour for tiles with a rounded edge or for painted tiles with and bigger tile panels.
- If tiles are reordered, it is impossible to deliver the exact same colour.
We do not guarantee that tiles from the same batch will not have a difference in colour; tiles that have been ordered expressly in one shade will not be returned.
As an alternative we recommend TW-ivory mix and the TW-Basic mix 3, both mixes have minimal colour differences, you can find all mixes HERE.

Seeing is buying,
you're welcome in our showroom.

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