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Tips and tricks for tiling original Dutch tiles

Tips and tricks for tiling:

On the internet, you will find a lot of information about tiling, for example
on We give you a few tips for tiling the old
Dutch tiles:
• First you define how to divide the tiles on a wall, lay them in a
row below the wall you want to tile.
• If you have a painting or decorated tiles which you want to put
above the stove, start from there.
• When you have defined where to start apply the glue to the wall
with a glue comb.
• Our tiles must be tiled with a very small joint of 1 / 2mm.
• Press the tiles deep into the soft glue and be shore that the horizontal
and vertical joints are in a straight line and clean the
joint with a wet sponge. Turn a tile 45° if it doesn’t fit.

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