RF33-1 Skyline Amsterdam, around 1611


Skyline Amsterdam from around 1611

Skyline Amsterdam somewhere around 1611. Sailing ships in the harbour at the background and many sailing vessels from the VOC and at the front the different historical views of the Netherlands and the inhabitants overseas.

Size motif

This motif is hand painted on 11×3 tiles, approximately 143x39cm. It is possible to make it smaller or wider.
On the 4 smaller pictures show the details,the wider pictures is the whole scene.

Colour of the background

The colour of the background of this painting will always fit to any mix of white tiles you buy.


Our tiles are app. 13x13cm
Painted in blue or manganese
The delivery time is 3-4 weeks

Additional information

Weight7920 g
Dimensions1430 x 390 x 7 mm

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