• Buy 250 pieces with a discount of € 0,10 per tile
  • Buy 1000 pieces with a discount of € 0,20 per tile

TW-Mix 8


TW-Mix 8

This is a mix of 8 white shades;

  • Basic white nr. 1
  • basic white nr. 3
  • basic white nr. 5
  • Nr. 7 grey-blue
  • Nr. 8 grey-green
  • ivory
  • rose
  • clear white
    The tiles are appr. 13x13cm, the joint are only 1 or 2mm.
    The price is per tile, at 250 pc € 0,10 discount
    This is a mix with more nuance in the different shades
    A room/kitchen with more white colours can have more nuance
    This mix 8 white shades looks good in a room/kitchen with white kitchen doors, grey or black sideboard top, if there are less colours.
    The tiles with the rounded and glazed side, the “bull nose” come in the same mix
    Murals and painted tiles are painted on one of these shades to be sure in fits together.


In the old days tiles were cut with a knife and a mall, the mall had two nails to fixate the fresh clay what left the two pinholes, standard we deliver without the pinholes but you can order with pinholes for a small extra fee.

On Stock

The white tiles are always on stock in 15 different shades, shipping with UPS takes 2-3 days all over the world insured and for a fair price.

Finished side(s)

In all shades you can order tiles with one or two finished side, rounded and glazed to tile around a corner, into the window or to end a wall.

Delivery time decorated tiles

Delivery time for painted tiles is app. 3 weeks

Sample tiles

If you want to have samples of this mix order sample pack 13 with the possibility to change the mix

Additional information

Weight240 g
Dimensions130 x 130 x 7 mm

Standard, With Pinholes

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