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TW-Order tiles per colour


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TW-Order tiles per colour

Here you can mix your own Dutch tiles and order them per colour.

This TW-Quality has 15 different white shades:

Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
Colour 4
Colour 5
Colour 6
Colour 7 Grey-Blue
Colour 8 Grey-Green
Colour Rose 10
Colour Snow-White 15

Order at least 3 to 4 shades of white

If you want to create your own mixture of Dutch tiles you better choose at least 3 to 4 shades of white. This way your tiles doesn’t have difficulty to mix them.

If you order just 1 shade of white

Some customers ask if it’s possible to order just one shade, if it’s just plain white tiles there is no problem. But even then there is a possibility of slight difference because the heat in the upper part of the ovens is hotter then down under.
And if you choose a mural or painted tiles there will be a small difference because these tiles are glazed with other glaze that might be a bit different. That special look of our tiles disappears, all that remains is a nice white tile.

Additional information

Weight240 g
Dimensions130 x 130 x 7 mm

Colour 1, Colour 2, Colour 3, Colour 4, Colour 5, Colour 6, Colour 7 Grey-blue, Colour 8 Grey-green, Colour Cream, Colour Cream4, Colour Ivory, Colour Ivory1, Colour Ivory2, Colour Rose 10, Colour Snow-white 15

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