Your house or surroundings painted on tiles

Your house or surroundings painted on tiles

This motif is painted on 3×4 Frisian tiles, in the colour blue. The size is approximately 52x39cm.

Would you like your photo hand painted on Dutch tiles?

We can paint your picture on Dutch tiles. This technique gives us possibilities to adjust the painting, because it is all handwork. For example you have a nice picture of your old house and there is standing a traffic sign in your picture. We can paint it without the sign.

When you have a beautiful photo of your pet, house or building we can paint or print it on our tiles. Even the flowers on your plates, or your logo, we paint or print almost everything on tiles.

More information

If you want more information, please send us extra information and we will make you an offer.

We would like to know the following things:

-The size in which you want to have it. How many tiles?
-Would you like it to be painted or printed?
-In which colour you want the motif, blue, manganese, black, brown or colourful?
-Sent us the picture you want to be painted of printed, it should be at least 400dPi.


Please send us an email with your wishes for the motif and we will make you an offer.

Seeing is buying, you're welcome in our showroom.

Call us for more information +31 650 676 113