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Topical questions

Do painted tiles fit with the white tiles?

Painted tiles and murals are always made on one of the shades out of the mix you order, just like profiles and border tiles.

Why order a mix instead of one white colour?

One shade can also be ordered on special request, but bear in mind that there will always be a difference in colour in a batch of tiles, even if they have been fired at the same time because of the difference in heat at the top and bottom of the kiln, and also between painted tiles and tiles with rounded edges, because these are often fired at a different time.
It is more beautiful and authentic to take a mix. If you want to keep it quiet then the ivory mix or the base mix 3 is a good alternative, the colour difference is minimal but it still gives that mystique of the old white tiles, that special look over more then 5 centuries.
If you do go for one color, order enough because if you come up short by and reorder you will get color difference.

How big are the tiles?

The tiles are approximately 13x13x0,7cm. (5 1/8" sq) thick Approx. 9/32"
60 tiles per square meter
They are cut out of wet clay, the clay has to dry for a few weeks before it can be fired. Because of this they have a not completely flat surface and are sometimes slightly different in size.

Thin joint, why?

These tiles have been placed with a very thin joint for as long as they are made, the tiles used to be placed cold on top of each other in the cement, the walls were much damper and that prevented mould formation.

Nails in the cutting mould

What are cutting or pinholes?

Over more than 500 years the Dutch white tiles almost always had pin holes caused by two nails in the cutting mould, two small holes remain visible after glazing. Only the series RA2 have these pin holes.

Cracks in the glaze

RA2 series with visible cracks

All Dutch tiles get hairline cracks over a longer period of time in the glaze, mostly not visible only after a longer period the cracks become visible.
This series RA2 is produced with a fine pattern of cracks in the glaze, when the old look is wanted these tiles can be washed with a special dye dissolved in water before filling the joints, the cracks become visible.
Powder and a manual is supplied on request so that you can wash the tiles yourself tile by tile or after tiling, an easy job, or you can order the tiles washed in at an additional cost.

Are deliveries insured?

Yes, all deliveries are insured, if the packaging arrives damaged and the tiles are damaged, send us a picture of the broken tiles within 24 hours.
The broken tiles will be replaced a few days later free of charge because all deliveries are insured.

Do you have another question?

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