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Your photo painted on tiles

Tiles with your picture

Frisian tiles are perfect to give your kitchen a country touch. The tiles are very decorative and especially if they are painted. How about a beautiful motif above the stove?

The 3 sheep Kees, Tina & Fien, hand painted on tiles

Existing motifs

There are many existing motifs that can be applied and give your kitchen that rustic look.

Three chicken on a stick, painted on 6x4 tiles

Your picture hand painted on tiles

The kitchen becomes even more beautiful when it is enriched with a painting of, for example, a landscape you have special memories of. Perhaps a beautiful motif of your favourite pet or how about your parental home hand painted on tiles?

House painted in Delftblue

Hunting dog painted on 1 tile

House painted in black/grey on dutch white tiles


Valais Blacknose Sheep hand painted on 4x3 tiles


Cows painted on tiles

No need for a perfect photo

A perfect picture of your subject is not necessary to achieve a beautiful result, as the example below shows. The motif with the parental home in this kitchen came about as a result of a dozen photos supplied by the client with some verbal explanations, such as the colour of the window frames, the round window in the ridge and the trees in front of the house.

Additions to the photo

Does the painting need to be extended with, for example, your pet in the garden? Grandpa on the path next to the farm? No problem, just send the picture to us and the painter will make sure that it will be included in the motif in proportion.

Many examples

4 Chicken on a stick a nice variant with the chicks of the customer

There are a lot of customers who dared to have a special motif made, to give you an idea of what is possible you can take a look here at the paintings we were able to make for our customers.

Are you inspired?

Inspired? Do you already see your hand-painted memory on Dutch white tiles in front of you? Give space to your imagination and send your request by email. Or contact Rozendonk, we think in possibilities and challenge you.


You can think about this in advance if you would like to receive a free quote:
*How big should the motif be? (one tile is appr. 13x13cm)
*Do you want the motif in the colour blue, manganese, black/grey tones or multicoloured?
*Are there parts on the picture that you want to remove?
*Are there people, animals or objects that need to be painted

Seeing is buying,
you're welcome in our showroom.

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