White shades, warm mix, cold mix

Everything you need to know

In the old times it was impossible to produce the same white colour because the heat of the oven was of influence and the colour additions could not be measured properly and ever since people mix different white shades on a wall what gives us the possibility to chose a mix that fit to the other colours in a kitchen or bathroom, a mix with a little nuance or just a mix with lots of shades for a decorative effect and with the imperfectness because the tiles are hand made and the very small joints gives a tiled wall to an unique atmosphere and its obvious people like it.

Your own mixture

We have 15 different shades of white in the TW quality, for every home another mix to fit with the interior, on the page White tiles we made some mixes but if you want to change it make your own mix.
The shades we have are:

This TW-Serie has 15 different white shades:

Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
Colour 4
Colour 5
Colour 6
Colour 7 Grey-Blue
Colour 8 Grey-Green
Colour Rose 10
Colour Snow-White 15

One shade

Some customers ask if it’s possible to order one shade, if it’s just plain white tiles there is no problem. But even then there is a possibility of slight difference because the heat in the upper part of the ovens is hotter then down under and if you choose a mural or painted tiles there will be a small difference because these tiles are glaze with other glaze that might be a bit different. That special look of our tiles disappears, all that remains is a nice white tile.

More shades

You can make your own mixture for the best combination with your kitchen or bathroom.
The warm mix with only 5 slight different shades fits good with a wooden counter top or kitchen doors, mix nr. 6 with only 6 cold white shades looks good with a black counter top and in combination with grey or blue kitchen doors.
If the kitchen is white and the wall are white a mix with more shades will be more decorative, it breaks the with parts of the space and gives a nice atmosphere to the room, See the page “Photo gallery” where you find lots of pictures we received from our customers and maybe you find some inspiration.

Packed per white shade

Most qualities are packed per shade, from each colour the same amount and the tiler mixes the shades while tiling.

How to mix

To get a good result we advise to open one box of eacht colour and take out a hand full of tiles and put these in front of the wall and stick the tiles in random order to the wall when no tiles are left take another hand of each colour, this way guarantees that all shades are use on each part of the kitchen/room.
The same goes for the one-side finished tiles.
Read our FAQ about tiling if you want to do it yourself.

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