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Buy 250 pieces with a discount of € 0,10 per tile
Buy 1000 pieces with a discount of € 0,20 per tile

RA2-Classic tiles

RA2-Classic tiles
RA2-Classic tiles RA2-Classic tiles
€ 2,45

Old times revive

RA2 series every thing from the old Dutch tiles


The 2 tiny pin holes
The almost invisible fine hairline cracks in the glaze
The slightly less tight matt-gloss surface
The minimal difference due to hand production
The beautiful colour nuances

14 different white shades

This Quality has 14 white shades, we would like to present some different mixes to you;

  • RA2-Base mix 6
  • RA2-Mix 14

But your free to assemble your own mix.

As if they have always been there

We hear it regularly, as if these tiles have always been in the house, it looks so familiar.

The characteristics in focus

Nails in the mould

RA2 series with pin holes

Over more than 500 years the Dutch white tiles almost always had pin holes caused by two nails in the cutting mould, two small holes remaine visible after glazing.
Klick here to see a tile with pin holes

Cracks in the glaze

RA2 series with visible cracks

All Dutch tiles have cracks in the glaze, mostly not visible only after a longer period the cracks become visible.
This series RA2 is produced with a fine pattern of cracks in the glaze, when the old look is wanted these tiles can be washed with a special dye dissolved in water before filling the joints, the cracks become visible.
Powder and a manual is supplied on request so that you can wash the tiles yourself tile by tile or after tiling, an easy job, or you can order the tiles washed in at an additional cost.
Click here to see a tile with visible cracks

Murals on the same glaze

If motifs and mural are ordered together with white tiles, they will always be painted on one of the background shades from the ordered mix.

Weight: 245 gram
Dimensions: 130x130 mm
  • Everything is painted by hand
  • Low shipping costs
  • Secured shipment
  • More than 40,000 whites in stock
  • Fast delivery times
  • 25 years already
RA2-Classic tiles
Seeing is buying,
you're welcome in our showroom.

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